Help Kids Live Free from Hunger Campaign Open for Donations

The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington has launched their annual campaign, Help Kids Live Free from Hunger.

Among the recipients of the campaign, is the Food and Friends program which helps fund many of the breakfast, lunch and snack programs at a number of schools within Wellington Catholic.

“We rely on this funding to ensure we are able to offer healthy, fresh food choices to our students daily free of charge.  Each year we make over 7000 lunches for students,” shared Kellie Angerilli, principal of St. John Bosco. “Our Food & Friends program is one of the cornerstones of our program as many of our students and families struggle with food security in the home.  For some students, the food they receive at school might be the only balanced nutrition they receive in the day.  For many, it is the main reason they come to school.”

As St. John Bosco lunch supervisor, Abby Galvez explains, having a campaign that provides students with daily lunches is essential for the school community.

“Generally, high school students live busy lives with a growing list of responsibilities and activities. This program allows us to take some stress off of the students and parents/guardians in regards to purchasing and preparing lunches knowing that a number of them may not have the opportunity to have these meals otherwise,” shared Galvez. “Because of this program, they can trust that we are providing nourishing meals and snacks every school day and at such a vital time period for growth and development.”

Having the ability to prepare healthy and balanced meals throughout the week can be credited in due part to the funding provided by the Food and Friends program. With this support, Galvez is able to provide balanced plates of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables, sandwich days and hot lunches all while planning and preparing meals with dietary restrictions, food allergies and intolerances considered.

While it is always the students choice to engage in the food program, on any given day the program will see 30 to 45 students receiving meals.

“In a typical year, we hold a special Live Free Lunch at the beginning of March and invite community members to join us at Bosco for lunch in lieu of a donation, but this year, we shifted to a virtual campaign.  We are asking our staff, parents and guardians and the greater community to consider making a donation online,” shared Kellie Angerilli. “It takes a village to raise a healthy child.  Join our village in supporting the health and wellness of our students.  It might be the most important gift you give all year.  We are so grateful for the support.”

To donate to the Live Free Campaign in support of the Food and Friends program at St. John Bosco Catholic School please visit